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I appreciate everyone's thoughts on this. I haven't had a chance to get in touch with my shop owner friends in FL. I also appreciate your willingness Reptile1 to help take them off my hands for me- but with no disresprect, I have friends who I know very well and believe they have good hearts- but I can't bare to give the snakes to them because I don't know how well they handle reptiles- they just don't have any experience other than being over at my house. I think my best bet is getting in touch with my FL friends. It's hard- it sucks- and honestly- I have no idea what I want to do. I turn to all of you because I know I will get ideas/suggestions from you all and hopefully something will become quite clear as to what their future's hold in store for them.
Also, I'm sorry for the delayed response- I wanted to try to go thru the extended weekend without having to think about this- but I couldn't resist jumping back online. I guess I should just go outside, enjoy the weather, and come back to this later on. But again- if anyone has any other ideas/suggestion....
I just found homes for my 4 snake ladies: ball python, colombian boa, hogg isle boa, and a burmese. *sniff* How I miss them so...

How do I set my laser printer to 'stun'?
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