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Unhappy Snake with a kinked spine

Is there any cure for an either broken or kinked spine?
Please tell us what this means. We have had this (total length approx 20") rough green snake for 1 year (captured in the wild). He's been very healthy and has successfully shed 3-4 times. After the most recent shed, he has an obvious deformity approx 4" from his nose. Doesn't want to eat, or move much. We force-fed him yesterday, and while handling him, felt a little "snap". I just HATE it when that happens.
I assume that since he's able to motor around his home that he's not paralyzed? I've searched "kinked" and "broken spine" and found that one does not want to buy a snake with a kinked spine, but no further information about the causes/complications of such.
If we should put him down, what's the preferred humane method?
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