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I think the site is a good start. I know over the coming months you will redo it again and again. I know I did You'll be sitting eating dinner and all of the sudden you get an idea for a new format for the pages and you'll just have to change it. I think I finally got my site where I want it to be for now. I know I'll redo it in the future, but for now it works.

Although I would try toning down the background a little. It is kind of overpowering to the eyes and distracts from the sites content.

As far as the pics of the retic, I am currently awaiting them. He has to take the negatives to the photo shop and have them put onto disc before he can email them to me. I hope he can do this by Sunday as on Monday I leave for a year and won't be online except to send emails to fmaily and friends.

Snakemann87, keep workig on the site. Gather as much information as you can for it. Post links to numerous caresheets for each species. I think it was ZOE who was doing that. But make sure to get permission first before posting the links

Good Luck, and try to remember we are just trying to show you the mistakes we made so you don't make the same ones and the animals doesn't suffer.
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