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Originally posted by Chris Steele
Before all this arguing, I dont think a single american had even the slightest clue that Canada has helped us in a war. They probably showed up after it was over then the president desided that he felt sorry for them and told them that we couldn't have did it without them, so they wouldnt think they wasted the trip overseas. I don't even think that Canada is in the history books for fighting in any wars. Except the one against france or england or whoever they 'fought' for freedom. My biggest problem with you people is that you take credit for burning the white house

happy bday, happy 4th

Going to celebrate with my family!
Have a happy 4th of July.

As for your question of wars that Canada has helped in... The Boer War (did the USA even show up for this one?), WWI (from the start, not a few years later after playing merchant), WWII (again from the start, not after playing merchant and being forcefully dragged in be an attacking country), Korean War, plus countless police actions and clean ups after wars.

Wars we've sat out on... Spanish-American war, Vietnam (the second war that the usa lost) and the second gulf war.

Wars Canada has started... this is a very short list because there aren't any.
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