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Your opinion of the president SUCKS!!! i'm american and the 2 things you posted about i COMPLETELY disagree with. Abortion should be legal(i have my reason which i don't feel like stating cause it would take foreverand this isn't the proper place) And Pot should be legal. have you even seen the studies they have done. (apperently not!!!) they say people that cause wrecks that are high and that was the reason they wrecked HAAAAAAAAAAAA they also didn't tell you thier Blood Alcohol level was over the legal limit. Their trying to blame the wrecks on weed when it was freaking alcohols fault. I don't care what anyone says alcohol is way worse that weed. And nobody can change my mind on that EVER!!!!!!

Sorry had to vent that out. Anyway happy birthday to us americans and our freedom to say whatever the f@$# we want. LOL
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