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Look at your "I own" List!

It speaks for itself. A couple of months ago it only have 3 snakes on it. Now I see savannah monitors tokay gecko, and what happened to the grass lizrd? ????

Now you have fish. And went into how you were going to get another oscar and a big tank and and and.

Read your own posts man! You get one animal and all the sudden the fever takes hold and you have to have more!

I go by what you say to base my opinions on. If you are not actually going to go through with what you post, then don't post it! It only starts getting under people's skin to see you post how you are getting this and that and you are going to do this and do that. Do you realize how many herps end up in rescues because of people like you???? 1000's!!!!!!!! They get them, have no idea how to care for them and then the parents have to deal with them by taking them to the shelter.

I'm trying not to bash you here, but you tend to just spout off at the mouth without thinking about the consequences of wht you are saying. Take your time. THat is my point. Don't rush into getting everything you want all at once. You have many years to obtain the animals that you want.

People like myself are just reacting to all you post and thinking "Great here come some more rescues in a year or so". We think about the animal, while you just want what you want whether or not the animal suffers due to your lack of experience. The proper way is to get the experience first, then get the animal. Not get the animal and then post, "I just bought a lizard, can you idnetify it?" And I won't even go tino how once you found out it was sick you took it back to the store and traded it in for another lizard you had no idea how to care for. And I can go on and on. If you want I can even start post links to the other threads you started about what animal you were getting this week.

If the moderators of this site feels I am bashing him, I apologize. I just don't want to come back in a year and see him selling burms and other reptiles to anyone with $35. But I think I will see a thread on the BOI about him if he continues to go this route.
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