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I honestly cannot believe this kid!!!!!

I mean just a few months ago he was coming into a forum and asking advice on whether or not he should get a burm. We told him, at his age we recommend he didn't get a burm and he did anyway. Then he goes ahead and get half a dozen more reptiles, most of which he had no idea how to care for. Now he is getting ready to move across the country and is trying to sell his lizards. Then he posts that he is going to buy some leopard geckos.

And on top of all that, he now says he is going to be a breeder next year.

A few points:
1. Snakemann87 is only 15
2. He just got his first snake several months ago.
3. He has/had no idea how to care for a few of the reptile he currently owns.
4. He refuses to take into consideration advice from people who have many years experience and does was they say not to, then goes and posts the advice he didn't take as his own to others who are going to do exactly what he did.

There was an article a couple of months ago about the proper way to keep herps. In it was a section on "herp fever" or herp addiction". It stated that many newbies, after geting their first reptile, go on a buying binge and buy everything they can to get an large collection. It said that this is not right. All you end up with is a large collection and no time to spend with each animals because all your time is spent cleaning cages and working to make enough money to buy food (and more reptiles).

I think snakemann87 has fallen into this. Over all the years I have been keeping reptiles and amphibians I have had 1000's of different animals. But for each one (other than the first one) I researched for several months how to care for them. When I had burmese pythons the albino burm was just coming into being. Bearded Dragons and Leopard Geckos haven't even reached America yet.

But I digress......

My point here is to try and let him see that he is 15, he has his whole life to make his dream come true. Take the time to get teh experience before you jump into anything. Especially breeding reptiles. Last year i bred cornsnakes for the first time. It was my first ever breeding venture in the 27+ years I have collected reptiles. I have had animals come through my collection that were gravid upon arrival, and I don't count them as my breeding them. Most moved along right after I found out because I didn't feel I had the experience, and this was after 10 years working with giant snakes.

I know there are some people out there who will disagree with this, but in my experience and in my opinion, snakemann87 is not ready to handle any more then he currently has. I feel he won't be ready to deal with any type of breeding project for quite a few years down the road and if he does try it will only be harmful to the reptiles he owns. He proves this to me in his immature repsonse to criticisms of all of his posts.

Now I will be gone for the next year due to a job offer I accepted overseas. I don;'t know what to expect when I get back as far as he is concerned, but hopefully he will take some oif this advice/criticism to heart and take his time. Deal with the herps that you have. Learn from them. Stop buying a new one every time you get some money in your pocket. And most of all....
Take you time, you are young and have plenty of it to learn and gain the experience needed to care for what it is you wnt to have in the future. Everything doesn't have to be NOW!.
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