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well ok iv bin reading this here whohaa for about 20 minutes(I READ SLOOOWWW) lol but anyway ive seen many cat hybrids as someone mentioned(bengals etc) and personally i like em as do i like some hybrid snakes like the borneo bateaters (burmXretic) and feel that they are very beautiful snakes as are some cute little hybrid dogs that are on the market today. And i find it to be more of a problem to inbreed snakes(an accepted practice) than to hybridize!but if ya dont agree with it dont buy it and if ya dont mind it and you like the result of a particular hybridization than get it cause it could end up being the best snake ya ever had,i cant eveen tell ya how many stories of dogs ive heard were it was the best dog they ever had and they wouldnt have traded it for the world and when ya asked them what it was they so oh just a mutt! or "hybrid" if you prefer!!!
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