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All beautiful pets !! Pixie you're after my own heart ! I rescue/foster almost anything I can & have for many years & dollars. (much to my mother's chagrin when I had 14 dogs)!
My non-reps are :
my horse, Hera (clyde/thoro cross);
my dogs, North (border collie), Keesha (shepherd/rotty mix) & Scrappy (staffordshire bull terrier);
my cats, Arnold (1/2 angora) & Sassy (domestic shorthair) ;
my rabbits, Bunny (mini-lop) & Stewart (dutch mini-lop);
my chinchilla, Emily (a grey) ;
my hamster, White Cloud (regular shorthair) ;
my goldfish tank
my tropical tank
my toad, Timmy (american)
HOW TO .....
grow snakes in Nova Scotia
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