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LOL okay,
Ball python female - Lilith
Ball python male - Dumuzi
Apricot Pueblan Milk Snake female - Ishtar
Apricot Pueblan Milk Snake male - Nirah
Snow Corn Snake - Wishbone
Double Yellow-headed Amazon Parrot female - Francine
Black Arrowana male - Hannibal
Corey Cat fish - Skeeter
Plecostomus - Spike
Akita/Samoyed female - Fionna

Two neighbors cats who think they're ours
Hot Rod a male black and white
Callie a female calico who just had three kittens

Anybody want any Akita/Rotweiller puppies??? (G) we have four, one female and three males, all free to good homes.

I think that's it, more to come to be sure, we've become slightly addicted to snakes

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