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I have two dogs that I absolutely adore!

Here is Capitaine:

He is a rescued retired greyhound and an absolute doll. He's been perfectly behaved since the day I brought him home and helping him transition from an abused racing dog into a regular dog was one of the most gratifying things I have ever done. He did not know any thing about being a regular dog, even being afraid to be pet at first! It was so sad but now he's been well rehabilitated and is a total couch potato!!! LOL

This is my Boston "Terror" Bobby:

He is the love lovy-dovy mushpie pooch! One of his favorite things is giving kisses and being cuddled. He is also quite the little food ****, eating absolutely anything that we eat even if he doesn't like it! If it's human food, it's good for him (he thinks he's human!) It's hilarious to see him eat something he doesn't like!!! He'll drop it once not liking it then look up at you to see if you're still eating the same thing. If you are, he will force himself to eat the piece he was given and the look on his face while he forces himself is priceless! As if he's saying "You guys eat this stuff??? Well, if you do, so do I!!!"

Bobby's sleeping habits:

My boys napping together:

Here's a pic of Bobby and Mathilda (she was a dog I was fostering and placing in a new home):

Keeper of 5 snakes, leopard geckos, 1 green iguana, 20+ tarantulas, 2 dogs & a bunch of rats!

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