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I guess canada can be proud that we as america have not decided to blow them up and use the space for storage. it actually possible to blow up a shadow.

haha, Long Live Mexico! No, we should really take mexico over also so it doesn't matter when they come here....

Another thing america can be proud of:

We have had the patients to live beside canada and mexico for so long-jk

We have me!

We have many brilliant minds like mine

We invented american cheese

On a more serious note:

-We got to the moon first!!!
-We were the first to fly an airplane...that was in my home state
Thanks, Chris

1.4 Anery Corns het. Amel, Hypo, and Motley
1.3.3 Bantam Chickens
1.4 Eastern Boxies
1.4 Mice breeding


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