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i am an american and i disagree with your #1, and # 7

i disagree with #1 because you added the words almost, and except- there is no country that has a better military

they are right about # 7, bill gates didnt invent the computer, but he improved them GREATLY, and we probably all use Windows and Microsoft programs, so he can contibute that way. he invented the way we use the computer, but not the comouter...

reasons to be proud----- we are a free nation----

---we also can be proud that we have more mexicans than mexico--- lol jk guys( Chris especially since you say mexico rules lol)

--we can be proud that we are a helping nation that is willing to sacrafice ourselves for the benefit of others---

we are a great nation, and no one can prove against that
we can all be opinionated, and in my opinion we are the BEST nation.

to other people their nation may be the best. there are reasons both ways.

it really offends me when people talk about us being power hungry and wanting to blow things up....... if it wasnt for us wanting to blow things up, the world would proabbaly have been blown up by now by 3rd world countries
Thanks, Austin

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