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I refer to my BCC, Waldo, as my "baby" and I couldn't bear to live without him. I feel your pain in having to be seperated. My Dumeril and Burm are getting closer to me as time goes on, but nothing will ever replace the place Waldo found in my heart. I am with you, I don't understand the sell/trade aspect of snakes. I almost considered giving up my Burm rescue until I realized how silly that was, I could never willingly let him go. You don't see people raising puppies and then trading them away because there is another breed that seems interesting. My snakes are just as close to my as my mammalian pets. Anyway, I can't sympathize enough. If you get down to the wire, I would be able to foster one of your babies (except the Burm, one Burm is more than enough for any household) until you can return to the continent. I know you'd rather have them with someone you already know, but I have to offer just in case you find yourself out of options.

And I don't think I'd trust anyone that offers to "take them off your hands" ... just my thoughts.

Good luck, and stay strong. =)
When people ask me if i'm a cat person or a dog person I tell them, "I'm a snake person"!
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