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I was not trying to start something with this thread, but I was just wondering if they were one in the same. They may me, they may not be. I wasn't sure. The thread on fauna never really said if it was or it wasn't with any information to back it up. As for getting sued, im not too worried. I for one have seen on so many forums the problems that were and are associated with the iguanas and bearded dragons that were exported from El Salvador into Miami, most given away to people who signed up to their forums, only to find out how much vet bills can really add up to.

Anyways, if these people are not one in the same, then I apologize.

As for the comment about the site taking the blame for my comments, that is not my intentions. I was asking a question. I also didn't like the tone of your comments. As for the site and change. I have no problem with that. I agree change will only make things better, but I had seen the thread, and decided to ask.

I guess in the future I will as in a private message rather than a topic post, but I didn't see any problem with the post when I had posted it.

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