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First off, Greg, if you had wanted to know...why not ask? Your statement about disease ridden animals is extremely bold. Not only is it uncalled for, but you just put yourself, and this site at risk of lawsuit. Over the past couple of months i have gotten to know the owner of Repti Systems, and i assure you, as for who they are associated with is only speculation and rumour. I will not state his name as i dont see its importance here. But i will say without a doubt, he is a great person who really loves the hobby and the animals. He has been wonderful to deal with, he has some terrific ideas about web business and he saw ssnakess as an avenue into understanding what herpers want.

In all my years of dealing with various types of animals, i have never seen a hobby so close to beat up on a breeder, a supplier, or an enthusiest when something goes wrong!I think we all need to keep in mind that in the world of animals, yes some will arrive sick. Some will die, and some will be deformed. I thought this was a community!!! Why can't we all get away from rumours and stick to the matters at hand...the animals! Lets not bash, lets work towards a better goal of cleaning up this hobby!!! I realize im getting off topic...but it just ills me to see statements about things people have heard, people assume, or what they think they know! Lets face it. That is dangerous. Its no wonder there is so many lawsuits against websites these days. It blows my mind how many times people have tried to sue us. And ill tell you matter of factly that it has never been anything that Jeff has said, its always a member. So before you fly off the handle and say so and so is the owner, and so and so sells diseased ridden animals, give your head a shake! You think we will take the blame for your statements when the lawyers come calling. No thanks. But you wont have to worry about disease ridden animals after a major corporation is done taking you to court and your forced to sell yours, not to mention everything else you own!!! Think before you make statements people. Im here to tell you, websites and members being sued are a very real reality, look it up on the web!

As far as this association to the site, or any associations at all i really think its up to Jeff and his decisions. I keep frustrated by the comments people make everytime there is an improvement! Whether its a graphical change, or a sponsor change, nothing can ever seem to be implimented without recourse. Ive stated the big picture several times, but still i dont think anyone is listening. Its what goes on behind the scenes that keeps this site running. We are close to a mile marker of 3000 members! With this brings on additional costs!!! I need to hammer this home, and im at the point where i dont care if people take me the wrong way, cause for me, ive seen Jeff go through enough, so ill take the bad guy stance here. We are free! Banner ads are extremely cheap (we do this to help the little guy) Who else runs free want ads? Who else gives this much space in a photogallery? Who else will host a website for $20 cdn a month? NO ONE ELSE. This is done because our webmaster truley loves this site, its members and this hobby.

What you don't see is the server costs, the law costs, the costs of going to shows, the costs of software, the man hours, the costs of advertising. Yes there is money from hosting, and banners, yes there is donations. But lets all be truthful. This site still costs out of pocket more often than not!!!! So the next time you wonder why something has changed, why a sponsor, why a different logo....try and look at the big picture. You cannot survive with such a big community without being forced to have to deal with the business side of things and all that it brings. This is home to many people. I know cause i talk to them nightly. We are a family, a family that is trying to change the herper community, and the way it is viewed. It is everyones community, everyone here is a part of this family. And i dont know about all of you...but this is one family i dont want to say good bye to!

So i will put my neck out on the line once again and say Jeff, i am with you for whatever decissions you make, or will make on this site. I appreciate what you have done for the herp web community. And i applaud you for doing it as long as you have, and having spent as much of your personal money as you have! No one has been able to create the sense of community on any other site as you have that i have ever seen. I have been here from day one, when sSnakeSs was just a dream. I thank you for letting me be a big part of it. And i dont want you to get frustrated. I think your an amazing person for always staying to course with the site and not trying to turn it into a corporate money making machine like some of the other sites out there. Keep up the good work, we all love you. Shane.
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