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Canada uses weak BS excuses such as these to convince themselves that their county is not a big ice cube that merely impersonates the USA. Sure you can mock our country but it really makes no difference if Clinton got some @$$ in the white house. And since most of those claims were proved false kinda makes ya' all seem lamer huh? Stop pickin on America just because you wish you were us. We're the only super power, we are top dog. And since you other pathetic countries benefit from our glory how about you cut the crap by mocking our politics? Iraq went down because Sadam is a psycho plotting to blow more of us up. As well as produce a couple nuclear weapons. It was either tank him out now while he is defenseless, or wait for him to have bombs powerful enough to wipe out a city. Sure makes sense to me. Get him before he gets us. So cut the crap Canada
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