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I just finished reading this thread. For most people that have been here a while, we are all used to the jokes back and forth between Canada and USA. It is not big deal, they are jokes. Hell, if you can't laugh at yourself, you have no business laughing at anyone else!! Besides:

What I want to know, is who sat there timing a team of sled dogs devouring somebody?
This is acutally the first thing I though of as well when I read that first post!! Not "hey, stop slamming America".

I don't hate anyone mentioned in this thread so far (with the exception of Bill Clinton, someone mentioned that criminal, but I will not get into that on this already heated thread). Just accept that the Canadians are going to make jokes about the USA, and the Americans are going to make jokes about our frozen neighbors. Happens all the time on this site, and it is USUALLY all in good fun.

Take care (both sides).
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