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I am going overseas for a year next week, Monday actually, and I placed my 6 boas with friends of mine for the year. They are going to "boa sit" for me and I am going to pay "boa support"

This was the only answer I could come up with that didn't involve selling/adopting out my boas. Of the 6, 4 were adopted and the other two I had just purchased. The bad thing is that I just got them at the end of May and was on my way home from picking them up when this job opportunity came up.

So now they are all placed with people I know will care for them like they do their own, because they actually were theirs before I adopted/bought them

I don't know about 2 years let alone 5 years of having your boas in someone else's care.

Might be best just to find some great homes for them and start again when you get back to the states (mainland).

Good Luck.
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