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my joys with air canada


I just got back from Toronto and was picking up some frogs while I was there. So i go to the air port and everything was running smooth. so i am checking in my bags and guess what a east india security guy walks up to me and starts B!tching at me and calling my frogs poisonous. he wouldn't even listen to me and was like telling me that i can't bring them on the plane with me because i didn't book in advance for having animals on the plane. So i tried to keep my cool but after about 5 min. of him not listening to me i just broke and was telling him all the info i know of the poisons of dart frogs. being the stubbern guy he was he wouldn't listen to me and he was still saying they could kill a passenger on the flight if one got loose. personally i wanna see a 1 inche frog get out of a deli cup than a styrophome box.

well after i taked to the manager and she was saying they were reptiles but they are amphibians. so they called up montreal at the main office to clear this up and they sent a copy of this:

pets in cabin

-applicable to ac and jazz (no carry-on pets on tango)
-subject to regular charge for carriage of pets
-smalldomesticated household pets such as dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, gerbils and guinea pigs are acceptable for carriage in the cabin as part of (not in addition to) the standerd carry-on allowance.
-acceptable pets do noyt include reptiles (including snakes and lizards) and animals such as rats/mice/ferrets/weasels etc.

see the only part of this document was that the etc. part and they could cadigorize anything under that. well after talking with them and the help of someone traveling with me the manager charged 70 bucks to bring them on the plane. after this the only faces i got was from the people on the plane asking what they were and were like yuck.

well i just wanted to tell you guys about this and also for everyone to check with your airline before you bring animals back from other areas of the country.

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