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I just recently lost my pet bird Clipper ( a Quaker ) to something that used to be so normal. This is how my stroy goes.

Clipper came to our house as us being a second owner. Sure we'd have our problems, but somehow things between myself, Clipper, and the rest of us started getting better. Clipper and his famous dance brought joy to us and he loved us laughing. Every mornin', we'd wake up and we'd let Clipper onto my brothers desk where he'd jam away and get his mornin' love. Pretty much became a routine. But, unfortunately, one mornin', Clipper woke up, danced and our dog Max instinctly jumped up and knocked lil' Clipper off. Clipper went into shock and within a minute, he passed off in my hands. I fought back the tears but I find myself missin' Clipper even though he stayed with us for a mere month. Clipper will never be forgotten and hes touched my heart and I see NumNum has touched yours.

I'm just happy to say that our birds are partyin' it up together right now and enjoying some sunflower seeds.

BAZ, my condolences because I know what its like loosin' a bird.

-Mike Poplawski
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