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I did have a great long speach. I accidently deleted it when my internet stopped working. But the main point of what I had typed is that america is the best. That is why we are the only superpower. If we weren't the best we wouldn't rule over you. I mean no offense by that. Another point to my thing I had typed up is that countries who dont have the heart to help others should show respect to the ones that do and not criticize them.

Happy B-Day Canada.

I feel strongly about the fact that some of you have been putting my country, America, down. I think you all owe an appology to america and those americans who have been rude to Canada should be apologizing too. I think this arguement should be over now. All that should be said from here on out is happy b-day or happy 4th. Sorry if I offended anyone, but America is the best although we have no right to put Canadians down.

HaHa, I think Canada should just become part of the US.
Thanks, Chris

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