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Unhappy moving to Hawaii- seriously

Originally posted by jncoclub
I'll admit it, my fiance and I jumped right into the herpaddiction and the 3rd of our 4 snakes we got within a year's time was a burm. Honestly, we didn't know all that there was to know about it- but I'm trying to learn new things every day. "Clyde" is only 3 feet now, and in my opinion she is small for her one year old age (LOTS of feeding problems as a baby)- but I love her and refuse to give her up. My fiance is in the Navy, so there is at least one more big move in our future, and we donít know where in the US that will be, but I know that we are taking the snakes with us. Iíve been with them a good yearís time and I canít possibly think of giving them up. Honestly, I donít understand how people can trade/swap snakes with each other. I guess I take them closer to heart. But I do know that I rather go through the pain of having to give her up than allow her less than a worthwhile life. If you have an 8 foot snake, you better know what to feed it unless someone left it on your doorstep and ran. (Sorry for the ramble, itís been a long day at work.)
Ahhh crapÖ I can totally cry at any moment. In my own quote above I mentioned that my fiancť is in the Navy and we have one more move within the US, and how I would never give up my snakes. We never thought heíd actually get sent to HAWAII! We were rooting for Washington or San Diego, CA.

So now I am all mopey and donít want to give up my 4 little girls. I will be moving to Hawaii (Pearl Harbor) before the yearís end and I canít take a single one with me. I have put so much love, money, and time into my snakes that I canít bare to let them go. No one in my family would take them; I donít have any friends that I would want to have them. The only hope is that the exotic reptile shopkeepers who sold them to us (they no longer have the store but I have become really good friends with them) may want to take them- not to sell off, but to maybe keep them for us. I canít picture selling or trading them like they were a baseball card or something. I also canít picture giving them to someone else because I canít see them caring and loving them as much as I already do.

I know there have been others in somewhat similar situations- how do you deal with it? Itís killing me. Yeah yeah- oh weíre moving to paradise and all that crap, fine, but these are more to me than just pets. What to do? Oh what to do??????

Pliskin- ball python
Boscoe- Colombian red tail
Clyde- Burmese
Mars- hog isle
(if I had a scanned picture Iíd insert them here, but I donít)
I just found homes for my 4 snake ladies: ball python, colombian boa, hogg isle boa, and a burmese. *sniff* How I miss them so...

How do I set my laser printer to 'stun'?
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