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The oldest snake to ever live was a 48.5 year old ball python. It was owned by the Philadelphia Zoo and was bought as a juvenile. So it was probbably more like 50 years old. But since they didn't have an exact date of birth, they gave the title of oldest snake to a 40 yr, 3 months, 14 day old boa. Though officially it is the oldest snake, we all know that the ball python truly claims that title. Besides who's to say Guiness is right about everything? Interesting fact here, the Philadelphia Zoo owned both of these animals, they must be doing something right! If only they had an exact date on that ball python it would claim the title.....

And I think we all know the reticulated python claims the title as longest snake. 32 feet 10 inches in the record, lets see anyone try and beat that! Though that is only the official one. There is no doubt in my mind that there hasn't been a 40 foot snake out there. In fact people in africa tell stories of large constrictors being 50 feet long. Though most I'm sure are over exagerated, there could be some truth in some of them. Guiness only marks down records where they have absolute 100% proof.
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