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I voted for the corn. I got my first snakes ; of my own ; a few months ago (3 corns). They live in a rubbermaid with hides, a pool, climbing branches & rubbing rocks. They have not had any type of shedding or feeding problems. I found an excellent & very helpful breeder who has great prices & selection & more then just corns (pm me if you want). They are nocturnal but mine love attention & are so used to myself & the kids taking them out that every so often all day long I see them climbing around & looking for us. I thought at first when they did this that they were hungry but I was wrong. They have been handled since being little babies, they look for it & are not squirmy & fast when out. They are very pleasant to handle & active enough that I find I hold them longer then most bc's & pythons (I get bored with them as they don't do much except for one bc I know & they won't part with him !). They came as very healthy clean little snakes & have been easy to care for & wonderful to work with. No bad points to them that I know of .
Good luck with your new addition,Dar.
P.S. there is a pic of my babies that came from the breeder in the corn forum.
HOW TO .....
grow snakes in Nova Scotia

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