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Tim couldn't have said it better himself.

From the time of the first B.C. bylaw with a Schramm influence, Sheila, I and many other people wrote letters.

Chris Richardson decided to start CROC - Canadian Reptile Owners Coalition, a multi provincial watchdog organization. "Find the new proposed bylaw, and act before anyone else does". Amanda made the webpage, Chris stepped aside to let Amanda run it.

I was the second member of Croc, and I found out about this new bylaw from Terri on snakes. So, Croc isn't really doing what it had originally set out to do, originally.

So either join croc, and keep the coalition part active, or start an informal coalition. (I'd either suggest a forum on ssnakess, or a separate email list (, sign me up) or both.

These bylaws will be coming at us, and all provinces have to help out now - not when it is too late. We have fought hard for B.C cities because we know it could just be a matter of time until those laws set a precedent to multiply throughout Canada.

We all have something to add, regardless of differing beliefs.

Myself, the part about pet stores not being able to sell RES or iguanas - is a sound idea. For others, it might not be. I am biased.

We can all attempt to positively influence change. Whether we like it or not, laws regarding non-traditional pets, they are a changing. (Or will be starting too). At least we can try to mould the direction of these new laws.

The trick is through education. Go to a town council meeting and let the councillors meet your reptile pet (this may not be a good idea in some cases, but it is a possibility).

Sure many of these people are ignorant. It is our job to make them not be.

And to those of you who don't live in that area of B.C, or Canada - maybe this will give you some encouragement.

"They came after the Jews, and I was not a Jew, so I did not object.
They came after the Catholics, and I was not a Catholic, so I did not object.
They came after the trade unionists, and I was not a trade unionists, so I did not object.

Then they came after me and there was nobody left to object."
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