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Well the time has come for all us BC breeders and keepers to band together in some capacity. We can not sit idly by and let people like this have the only say in this discussion! It is time for us to implement some kind of plan to fight this and many other by laws that are popping up around the province. We can no longer take a sit back approach while our rights are being taken away from us. Damn it something has to be done! We can not just let this go unchallenged. The oldest saying in the book is united we stand divided we fall. So why the hell aren't we all united already. Instead we are scrambling now to do something. Lets show them that we are not a few people but a good percentage of voters (since this is all they seem to listen to). having said this were do we begin?What is the first steps? Lets figure this out quickly before it is to late! Tim B.
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