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I was leaning twards corns and now have b-lined and am close to decicing on BPs I really like the clors and patterns its like all tropical and stuff I want a docile snake that loves to be handled. I not a beginner to snakes or herps I know alot this is just MY first. I know all about BPs fasting so that wont freak me. Either way I am going to get one and then re-save my money and get a corn because they bothsound great. But from what I've read about both I think that the corn is more a display snake and the BP a real pet. So I think I'm going to get the BP inless anyone else had any opnions. I also would like somone to give the badd points of owning both the BP and the corn that way I will know everything. All I get from site and from mostr people I've talked to are the good things theres got to bew some badd things.
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