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My ball python (Monty) will eat right out of my hand. Though I know most of you will probably say I'm stupid, I hand feed him without any type of protection. When feeding time comes I lift him out of his cage with one hand while dangling a mous in front of his face with the other. He take it right away and coils around it in my hand. Never been bitten doing this, nor have there been any close calls. He seems to know what my hand is and it's not food. I have had him for about a year now and haven't been bitten yet. So I guess it's safe. I'll feel like a dumb@$$ when I get bitten though.
He also seems to enjoy kisses. I like to give him a lil' kiss on the nose usually before putting him back in the cage. But now he seems to want them all the time. He will always stick his out out torwards my face when I'm holding him and lick my lips or nose. I find it's probably pretty rare that you get a ball python that is 100% not head shy in any way. He loves his kisses!
He also is weird in the fact that he has never escaped. He resides in a nice 20 gallon till he hits 3 feet. But I have never in all my time keeping him weighted down the top of the tank. He seems to like it there and has never managed to leave it. He gets out of it roughly 2 hours a day during handling and roaming time. But he seems content with that. It's just weird how I have to weight down my 22 inch corn's cage for fear of escape, but Monty just sleeps and never tried to push up the top. It would be all too easy if he ever tried. hmmmm.

Those are a couple of my herp's quirks. LOL, the anoles are crazy!
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