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Just for the record.
Most people know that in the wild, reptiles harbour parasites. However, there are many people who wrongly think that captive bred reptiles will not have parasites. In the wild most reptiles probably have a small parasite load. This may not cause too much of a problem in the wild since, wild reptiles are not confined to a small space, they can move around, away from their feces and shed skins (both of which can harbour parasites) and can also get away from any parasite eggs which may have been laid in the vicinity. However, captive conditions do not allow this freedom and parasite problems can get out of hand very quickly. In captivity, the habitat conditions are very favourable for your reptile, and are fairly constant. This also means that it is the ideal environment for survival of the parasite..

.. Also for the fact I cant delete my message that Zoe already beat me to saying, I might as well edit it with something..

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