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Thats Awesome Kolleen. When I finally thought they were stable enough to adopt out, I was SOOO happy it was you that wanted them. For those not in the know on these 2 Yellow Annies. They have been pretty much to death's door and now come back to be healthy enough to breed. !!!!Anaconda story I know the breeding was un intentional. But hey the snakes need to have a little fun too. You do great work Kolleen I wish more people were like you.

Just goes to show you if theres a will theres a way. And the internet basically saved these and many other snakes and lizards lives, buy putting the word out that they need help.

FYI. I don't have the space to properly care for Anacondas. Just got them to help an animal in need.

Great Job Kolleen
Don't forget ReptileFest April 3rd-4th

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