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Tonni (my burmese python) is a fan of the cool end too. i though that maby the temps are too hot so i bought a digital thermometer and they where fine but still he is in the middle or on the cool side so i think i will lower the hot spot down i guss snakes are like people too they have there indavidual preferses.

my corn snakes dont like to grab the preay like the other ones they just down the damn things.

my ball python is VERY VERY active right after he eats and in the past all of his escapes have been right after feeding. i alwas wonder y he dosent want to sit and digest like my other snakes maby she is wored about her looks? i dont know

my tokays NEVER eat wile i am in the room. NEVER i have yet to see one eat. but i put food in the cage and the food disapers and there fat healthy and alive so i must be doing something right.
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