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Toronto Reptile Expo July 06, 2003

Well its here one week away and the many vendors I am sure are out this weekend cleaning their deli's or eating lots of salad to get those extra few containers. Making sure their pride and joys are displayed with the respect they all deserve. This July's expo is simply PACKED!!!! Vendors from the maritimes, Quebec, Ontario and possibly our first from out west will be present. Regardless the top of the top will be represented well this weekend. The ads are running in the local papers as well as the Toronto Sun. A few radio stations have been promoting it on their communitty events as well as the flyers being distributed in the few local pet stores that are promoting the keeping of reptiles and the show itself. I am hoping to also announce the new location for the September expo at this event next weekend as well. I hope to see everyone there. The air conditioning will be on if it gets hot the women's auxillary will be present with their famous chilli and lunches. But the most important part is Shane will be present with his pocket and shoe camera, ooops!!! I shouldnt have mentioned that I guess Shane LOL.

The vendor list is tentatively complete if by chance you are not listed but did request a table please email me asap or call me on my cell or the store.

Port Credit Pets "Reptile Central"
Arboreal Exotics
Crazy Acres
Hiss and Herss
Reptile Rainforest
ReptileWoman Cindy
Scotty Allen
Donalds Designer Dragons
Marty McManus
Global Exotics
Neil Meister
Durham Snake Group
The Ontario Frog Watch
Mark Pepper
Advanced Terrarium Systems
Ontario Herp Society
Ontario Turtle and Tortoise Society
Phil Ramos
Corey Woods
Walking Rock Mugs
Hatched Exotics
High Quality Reptiles
The Reptile Store
JD Terrariums
Markus Jayne Reptiles
Silkworms .ca
Exotic Wings n Things
Woodland Edge Herps
Canadian Coldblooded
PJ's Reptiles
Tom Eles Reptiles
Jaysons Reptiles
Jonathon Crowe
and I am sure there will be one or three I have a forgotten

Location once again is
765 Third Street. Mississauga, Ontario
QEW to Cawthra Road, South on Cawthra Road to Thirds Street go East on Third Street.

9 am to 4 pm

Admission is $5.00 for adults
$3.00 for children

Grant Crossman
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