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Exclamation Opnions Needed!!!

Okay I want to know what the perfect first snake would be for me, I open to all ideas though this is what I am specifically looking for
1. Not to exceed 10' at adulthood
2. Generally a easier snake to care for
3. A snake that doest mind being handled once in awhile but will not freak if not frequently handled.
4. Generally cheap buying price compared to other snakes
5. Relativly tame and not to agressive.
6. Can live well in a RB instead of a tank.
I hope I have provided enough info and if anything else is needed I would be happy to answer. I have finally have decided Im ready and have the setup ready except the actual RB as I'm waiting to see what size to get pending on the snake. I cant wait to see your replies I have added a poll of a couple of beginner snakes I have heard are good but feel free to post your own idea of the beginer snake. Also if you poll then plz also elaborate in a post with some general short info. THank YOu!!!
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