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Exclamation Wow! Suprise raid at Columbus Ohio Swap meet!

Just thought I would share this experience. Today was the monthy Hamper reptile swap meet in Columbus Ohio. We traveled 3 hours to get there and when we arrived (at 9am opening time) the whole place was under lockdown from the suprise raid of the Ohio Wildlife cops and nobody could go in or out. No customers were in there but none of the vendors could leave and they kept it closed until 2pm (it closes at 3pm), it was a real bummer! The Feds came in too. All the vendors that had questionable items had cops dispatched to their houses for a complete search. I believe everyone without their vendors licenses or proper permits and such where fined big time. A friend of ours was missing when we finally got to go in. Some guys were taken away by police. I heard that there were narcs planted in the place for a year, getting to know the vendors and stuff, pretending to be vendors themselves. I only heard that second hand though. I guess the thing that brought it to a head was the fact that some lady had sold some pairie dogs that turned out to have that Monkey Pox virus. The up side is that I did get my new darling baby beardie I wanted, plus a cute little hognose, a very nice mex mex kingsnake and a pair of pygmie mice! What a day!! Anyone else there by chance?
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