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Speaking as a mechanic....youll have to pop the inner cylinder out. If you can slightly pull it away from the column, youll find either a clip or a pin that you have to push out. Remove the inner part of the cylinder....actually at this point you can key the cylinder yourself....but thats a whole other story. Once removed you can just join the cylinder hinges together with a screw driver and turn it. This will release your steering column. If you drive a car by hot wiring it without making sure the column is free, youll run the risk as lisa mentioned of having it lock as you drive! Some cars will have a coded key, which is basically a resister that will only allow the computer to recognize a certain amount of voltage. Without that...the car will never start. I think your best bet is to go to the dealer and see if they can give you a key based on the vin number. If not then you'll probably have to have a mechanic key it for you. Ive seen ppl try to do this themselves, i can only offer advice and a bit of warning. Linked to that assembly is alot of wiring that could be damaged if not done right. Including deployment of the air bag if your not trained. I would let a professional repair this. The damage from doing anything in the column without knowledge can easily blow the computer for the vehicle or worse. Good luck...hope this helps, Shane
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