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I remember $%^(*#( I cant believe ppl still dont get not mentioning names!!! Shane)! In fact, I still have a red-eared slider I bought there soon after moving to New Mexico when I was 10! The Store I bought her from has since closed, but I remember good things about them. I only had one problem: they were going to let me, a 10 year old kid, buy a veiled chameleon, no questions asked. (I never did get that chameleon, as they sold it to someone else, and I was too mad to take another one).

I agree that most pet stores, (if not all) probably need some kind of specialized personnel in their reptile department. If these people don't know anything, basic training should be offered. (Heating, Lighting, Foods, Sick Animal Recognition, etc.) Lisa is right when she points at management. Recently, when I reported a coorporate pet store for neglect, the manager told me that there's nothing he can do. (Which, of course, is total BS). If the management could be convinced, this case would be smooth sailing. Jenn... I wish you luck, and I really hope you report them. There is no reason on Earth an animal should suffer like that.
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