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I do many arts & crafts with the fave for me & my kids being ceramics & acrylic painting. I love all animals & my family keeps a big variety. Like Zoe I have a huge horse passion & usually compete with my warmblood hunter/jumper each year. We do a lot of hiking, swimming & camping & are hoping to start the kids canoeing soon,too. I do obedience work with my dogs & hope to start agility this fall also. I love gardening of all types (herbs with my stepmom, vegies with my bestfriend & flowers at the stables where i jump-I do all the landscape at them each year in preparation for the shows). At home we have many houseplants & now a brand new yard to do ! I love to read & have my own library of all types of books with loads of reference stuff too. After that I'd have to say my other major hobby was talking reps with everyone here at sSnakeSs !!!

Zoe : I forget the name but there is a wonderful stable up above Toronto in a little place I believe is called Brampton. (it's been years!). They have between 1 & 200 horses with facilities for riding english(dressage,jumping,hunting,etc.), western(pleasure,reining,games,etc.) & loads of trails; some even with crosscountry jumping set-up. they have instuctors & guides available but also rent the horses out (they used to anyhow). My first visit when I was around 10 years old I told them my Pony Club level & they set me up with an appropriate horse no prob & off I went trailriding. I believe they are in the yellow pages. I rode a horse called Black Socks when I was there but imagine he has passed now. It is a worth while place to look into. They really care for their critters & safety was tended to as well.
Good luck to you, Dar.
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