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I'm Kevin,I live in beautiful Florida with my beautiful wife Cheryl.
I'm 38 yrs old and herp lover since I was about 3.
Born in Michigan and moved to Florida in '74--YAY! More HERPS!
My wife thought I was a freak the first time she came to my place
and saw my 6 1/2' albino Burm in a cage as long as my bed "Smell?" What smell?
I dig 70's,80's,the "new"jazz,and "old people music".
Religiously,I have no real direction except that I believe you MUST
keep an open mind or else your shutting yourself off from the true essence of spirituality and limiting your perception of reality.
I love to draw and paint...I've got a nice mural including an Asian water monitor near a jungle waterfall I did in my livingroom.
I also love to garden and my front yard looks kinda like Busch Gardens(my favorite theme park)including two lizard-shaped topiaries bordering one of my three ponds.
Monitors are my all time favorites,'specially water monitors,but I've kept plenty of snakes,turtles and even a few crocodilians...
...ahhhh Florida.
My wife is sort of an anti-herper with the exception of chameleons...I'm workin' on her though. I've managed to get an Asian water monitor past her "NO MOUSE EATERS" rule.
I love to take an occasional kayak trip down one of Florida's gorgeous rivers. Myakka is awesome and loaded with HUGE gators...what a rush!

V.salvator 0.1

German Tour Guide: You vill find more on Germany's contributions to ze arts in ze pamphlets ve have provided.
Brian Griffin: Yeah, about your pamphlet... uh, I'm not seeing anything about German history between 1939 and 1945. There's just a big gap.

----Family Guy---
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