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Read This Please!

About the post eariler concerning an article published saying taht reptiles die in basements.
Well, I e-mailed them and here is a copy of what I had to say. I hope that you will do the same and thus create a pressure point and getting our point of view through.

I came upon this Letter to the Editor in the Province Paper

Here is a copy of the e-mail I sent.

I wanted to let you know my point of view on these articles:

I do not agree on some of the information that was published in these articles.

Some reptiles will die because a few of us do not care properly for them. but I still think there are a large number of us that do care a lot for our reptiles and give them their proper needs. There is a greater number of dead cats and dogs each year than that of reptiles.

I always take my reptiles to a vet when they are sick. I would never let them die in my basement. That title is really not a good one, it gives the rest of the people an illusion that all reptile owners deprive their animals from a good life. I know for a fact that my reptiles are healthy and that I do everything to keep them in a surrounding accordingly to their origins.

And what Christine Schramm said about reptiles not suppose to be held in aquariums, vivariums or cages, I do not agree either on this point.
If it is not ok to keep an animal from running away, then why do we keep declawed cats from going outside? Why do we keep a dog in a house all day because we are at work and don't want to let him run free outside??? This is keeping it from running free in the wil so it should also be considered as non-ethical according to Mrs Christine Schramm. Many reptiles will not even do a lon distance of traveling in the wild. Many snakes will spend their whole lives in a space no bigger than most of our backyeards. I do not think a snake or a gecko will mind spending it's time in an appropriate size vivarium.

I do not look at my reptiles as morphs or "designer snakes". I love my reptiles and believe it or not, they do bond with you after a while.

Also, there is another passage in your article that troubled me a little:
<<...speckled caiman (alligators), who look cute at $150 and grow big enough to "rip your head off.">> Yes this can be true, but there is also the fact that each year, there are hundreds even thousands of dog attacks. I do not see a bigger danger in a caiman or a massive dog. Either one of them can deliver painfull and sometimes deadly bites.

Banning "exotic pet" is not a way to go. Exotic pets is not a specific word for animals. This includes birds, reptiles, cats, dogs, amphibians, tortoises, and more. Why ban animals because of our own fear of salmonella (when chicken have it) or because of our misunderstanding on them. A good way to prevent reptiles from dying because of our mistakes is to educate people on these terrific animals. The 1st step would be to have all employees in a petstore know about the animals they sell (that also includes cats and birds since many of them will not even know how to properly care for those also). Reptiles is something that is growing in popularity each year. Why ban then because of fears or misleading tales like this article you whrote about reptiles dying in basements???

This is my opinion, I know it may not count to your eyes, but my reptiles count for me and I will do anything to prevent them from harm's way and prevent bylaws, that are non-fonded, banning "Exotic pets".


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