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Talking Safari Jeff *pics*

Derek and I went to the Mall today where Safari Jeff and Shannon were showing kids herps and falcons. So of course, I had to sign up for ALL the photoshoots! Hahaha

Enjoy! (hopefully the pics turn out, my image host has a baaaad habit of cutting off the bottom of the pics) If they don't work nicely, just visit my briefcase at Yahoo ( and check out the folder "Safari Jeff".

Derek holding his first alligator:

This is Derek holding a Reticulate Python:

This is Derek and I with the Tortoise:

Me holding my first Alligator!

Holding a Cuban Boa:

And Me Holding the Reticulate!

We got free posters and such because we got soooo many pics! The kids didn't even get the free posters! Hahaha

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