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I am impressed! I already got some replies from the folks in BC, the council that is:

From: Marie Parent

Dear David Walklate: Thank you for your e-mail. Please note that at the Regular Council meeting held Monday, June 16, 2003, Council decided to enact the Exotic Animal Bylaw No. 14823 dealing with the prohibition of the sale in the City of endangered, exotic, wild and dangerous animals and require staff to hold a public information meeting prior to the introduction of the By-law for final reading. As yet, the date for this public information meeting has not been set, but the public will be given notification about the meeting through advertisements in the local newspapers.

From: Christine Kiverago

Dear David Walklate:
It looks as though your message is incomplete. Would you like to finish it and resubmit? Yours truly, Christine Kiverago Legislative Services

I made a mistake while sending to her, a whole lot got cut off so I will be resending that now. I will update you with their responses.
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