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Okay, I do have several ranchers and farmers in my area and othe rplaces in texas that have said they could take some animals. I have a local feed store that can order me the food and a pet store that has also agreed to donate supplies. I am going to get hold of the north texan rescue and another in las cruses NM I have heard of. I am also going to try to contract the zoo in D/FtW and in abilene to ask of their help. ZOe, I said I could't take the large animals others in T.E.A.R.S. would be able to. I have alredy found many willing members just in my area. I, will charge an adotion fee of course but I will only charge as much a the animal is actually worth. Unlike some who ask $100.00 for a BP but I'm sure if they are willing to help the animal and take care of it they will pay the fee. I am trying thougfh to find a rep vet I live about two hours from lubok and am hoping to find one there but there are closer towns that are bigger then mine and I tink are sure to have a vets. One of which is MIdland TX if anyone knows where that is, ITs also where the presidient of the US was born and raised, though I'm not particualy proud of. But if anyone knows where that is couyld they tell me where a good vet around there may be. I cannot have a rescue wothout a rep vet as I'm dure everyone on here aggrees.
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