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Originally posted by BoidKeeper
My snake room yesterday made it up to 92! I 'm thinking A/C but I don't want it to get too cool in there. I'm aiming for 85 day 80 night in summer and 80 day 75 night in winter. For those of you with A/C in their rooms do you find it hard to control?
I have A/C, and my room, with all the animals heat shut off except for one lamp, was at 88 degrees when I went to bed. You shouldn't have a problem with it being too cool since it is on a thermostat, you can set it to whatever temp you wish. I have a space heater in my room that I leave on 365 days a year pretty much. I set it to 78 so when I leave the window open at night if it falls below that, the thermostat kicks in to get it back up again. A/C shouldn't present any troubles for temperature control since it isn't just a free-running cold source, it is controlled
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