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Hey, well I am far away but hell I figure I will try my best to help. I just wrote up this letter and before I send it I would like you all to read it and offer some suggestions, opinions and possible changes. I borrowed a few quotes from things others on this thread have said. If you would like me to take this off please let me know. Well here it is:

The fact that I must resort to writing this letter is utterly ridiculous in itself. I came across the article “Exotic animals 'live and die in basements'” and I am disgusted. It is absolutely iniquitous that these biased, ignorant opinions be thrown out publicly to the uneducated. Statements such as: "Any animal you put in a cage to keep from running away is not a pet," is a prime example of falsifying reality, a clear biased opinion. I am positive that if this statement was reversed towards rodents, cats, dogs or birds, it would instantaneously be rejected. What I don’t understand is that the husbandry between exotics and these alternate PETS is parallel in that they are both in ‘cages’, and if given the opportunity would likely be inclined to run away. This applies to nearly every pet out there; dogs and cats are not an exception. Exotics owner feel for their snakes and lizards as a dog owner feels towards their dogs. Why then is it fair to strip us of our love and passion? They (exotics) are part of our lives and to wrongfully deprive us of this privilege is preposterous. I will NOT go as far as saying every exotic housed residentially is in a good position, but why let the irresponsibility of a select few others ruin it for the rest of us who dedicate ourselves to care for these magnificent creatures? It simply is not fair. Instead, why can’t we educate the public on the care and dedication involved in owning such animals to try and steer away those who are not capable. I may be backtracking here, but why is it always that the banning of ‘exotics’ is restricted solely to reptiles? What makes them more exotic than a hamster from Siberia, a gerbil from Africa, or a fish (many fish are ruthlessly caught from the wild, to die in pet stores and fish tanks)? For some reason these other animals are perfectly acceptable pets. This wouldn’t happen to be due to the perceived lack of ‘cuteness’ by the general public? I didn’t think so…
If you go up to my first sentence, I started by shaping this issue as ridiculous. Why? That’s simple: the public is so quick to jump on this without a stitch of evidence, or at least enough relevant enough to jump to such drastic measures. Where exactly do you see ‘exotic animals dying in basements? Even if you do take Schramms’ word for having 400+ abandoned animals, how does this compare to the thousands of abandoned and neglected cats and dogs sitting in shelters? Do not get me wrong, I am too a dog lover. My intent here is to show there is a threat in keeping any animal, and we must understand this before obtaining one. There will always be the irresponsible fool who buys on impulse, there is nothing we can do about this besides educate them. All in all, the idea of banning ‘exotics’ is unfairly generated through biased, falsified opinions thrown out to the uneducated public to create an uneducated opinion of reptiles.
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