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I have always been a fan of ALL animals. When I was a kid, I would walk to the old railroad tracks near my house and find snakes. I would bring them home and keep them for a couple days before I let them go. I had pretty much every pet you could think of growing up. When I was 16 I decide I would get a couple Leo's as pets. I bred them for a year and a half and then decided I wanted a BP. I got my first python as a rescue from a pet store because i couldn't stand to see him there. About 2 years after that I got into boas and started breeding them. After a bad breakup with my ex, I sold off all my animals and I'm now getting back in by jumping straight in. I already got 1.2 breeder balls and am trying to get 1.1 Surinams right now.

Sorry, I was trailing. Anyway, yeah, don't eat yellow snow.
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