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Varying Daytime / Nighttime temps

Hey all,

Do you think it's really necessary to drop the temps in an enclosure at night?

I use a heating pad for my corns, and the only way to drop the temperature is to turn the pad off. I worry that this will drop the temperature in their enclosure too much overnight. Same with my Boa - I have a heat lamp for him, but the night time temp in my house gets way too low.

I leave their respective heating elements on 24/7 and just let them decide when they want to warm up / cool off. I've noticed especially with the Boa that he knows when he's too cold. Sometimes I'll wake up in the morning to find him basking in the heat lamp, other mornings he's fine in his cool hide box when the temp isn't too low. I'm at least fairly sure that they have other indicators that won't affect their natural cycles, especially the amount of natural light. At least, I think this is the case.

What do you all think about keeping the heat source on overnight?
- Ken LePage
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