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Great letters!
Excellent point Sheila. I work on a farm and I know how much damage "a nice little riding pony" can cause.
And I don't remember the last time I saw a headline in the local paper about a pet snake attack.
Yesterdays paper however had a 5 yr old girl attacked by a dog and needs lots of stitches. You see articles like that all the time. That was the front page. The classifieds had numerous ads for "rottweilers, pit bulls....." 300$ and up. Not to mention all the "free puppy" ads from the idiots that don't bother to fix their animals. You don't need any legislation to get them or breed them or even train them mean and let them run free.
Some people just need to have some idiot cause to fight for. It seems like most of them don't care what the cause is or don't bother to get informed first.
What wasted energy. My Grandmother always said "Don't fix what ain't broken". Amen

I think I'll submit some legislation. We need to ban Ice cream trucks! How many children are hit by them each year?
Or lets make it so all hot dogs are square shaped! They are just to easy to choke on round like that. I wonder how many people would sign that if I stood outside a grocery store and peddled it.......
I finally got it all together but I forgot where I put it.
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