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Originally posted by Big Mike
This is exactly why a good thermostat can save your little critters. A thermostat would have turned off the heat when the room temps went up.


I have seen the "how to" for making a rheostat and I even made one...but does anyone know how to make a cheap thermostat? I have looked at household furnace thermostats and I figured that they could be wired to to a plug and then could be used to shut the heaters off when the ambient temps reached the set temp.

Because they don't have a probe like "herp" thermostats, I would just like to use one as a safety shut off. If the temp in the general area of the herps becomes too hot then the thermostat shuts off the whole works.

I think I'll ask an electrician friend of mine.
the problem with regular house thermostats is they run on 24 volts, not 120. you could use a step down transformer to get the voltage required to run the thermostat. but then you would want a relay connected to your 120 power with the thermostat to activate the relay to turn it on and off as the 24 volts won't be enough to power the heat tape.
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