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Unhappy Evil Nasty Horrid Petstore!

Urgh, I went back to that pet store. The one I recued Chaos from to see that the Ball Python that was in a horrid shed was STILL in the horrid shed. It's been a MONTH.

I told him that he should REALLY consider soaking the poor thing in some nice warm water and taking care of it. And he said, "Well, that would take care of the shed but the real problem is that he's sick and we're force feeding him now"

Looking into the enclosure you see...a small waterbowl. That is all. This poor ball is slithering around trying desperately to get the skin off or find someplace to hide. There's NO humidity. And all he says is, "It's sick" Come ON!

It honestly hurt to watch...

"A rattlesnake that doesn't bite teaches you nothing."
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